Wedding Packages at Absolute Dance Studio


Wedding Package One:

Wedding Package One is ideal for the couple whose special day is quickly approaching.  It includes 5 Private Lessons (50 minutes each), 8 Group Classes and 4 Friday Night Practice Parties.  During these Private Lessons, our professional instructors will teach you the basic wedding syllabus, including several popular reception dances.  You will learn more steps during our Group Classes and you will learn how to dance on a crowded floor at our Friday Night Practice Parties.


Wedding Package Two:

Wedding Package Two is the best option for the couple who has a few months to prepare for their special day.  It includes between 10 and 20 Private Lessons (50 minutes each), and between 1 and 3 months of unlimited Group Classes and unlimited Friday Night Practice Parties.

During Private Lessons, our professional instructors will choreograph a unique first dance to your special song and teach you the steps!  If you don’t have a song for your first dance, we can help you find one in our music library, and our DJ can edit the song’s length to fit your choreography. We will also record your routine and put it on a DVD for you to take home for extra practice.

The Group Classes and Friday Night Practice Parties are an essential part of your Wedding Package.  While the Private Lessons prepare you for your first dance, the Group Classes will teach you how to lead and follow a wide range of dancers, which will help you look great at your reception.  All Group Classes are Monday through Friday at 7pm, and require no advance scheduling.

At Friday Night Practice Parties, everyone is a student or a teacher, so you will gain the confidence you need for your reception in a fun and relaxing social environment.  Once you have completed the choreography in your Private Lessons, you can showcase your first dance at a Friday Night Practice Party to feel what it is like to dance in front of a crowd.  Friday Night Practice Parties are, of course, every Friday from 8pm to 9:30pm.


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