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First finding popularity in America in the 1930's and 1940's, Swing dancing was a defining character of the day.


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Considered to be the "American Wedding Dance", the Waltz boasts it's popularity in the USA and all over the world. Call us today (904) 262-9709

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For a taste of Latin America, Salsa is considered a sexier and more kicked back interpretation of the Mambo. Call us today: (904) 262-9709

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Does it take two to tango?

Known as an intimate dance for partners, the Tango is a sensual combination of elaborate footwork, tight embraces, and playful embellishments.


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Considered to be the American Wedding Dance, the Waltz boasts it’s popularity in the USA and all over the world.

Originally called the Walzen (because of it’s German roots), the Waltz was met with much opposition because of it’s scandalously closed position. In the 18th Century, the aged generation were horrified at such suggestive touching, with a man’s hand around the waist of his partner. Despite it’s unwelcomed beginnings, the Waltz quickly became the predominant dance of the day. Royalty and common folk both enjoyed it’s unique 1-2-3 tempo (3 beats to one measure of music).

Though there are many variations, the Waltz has held it’s popularity to this day.